FLOWIDRA offers full-scale market research services. It offers both quantitative and qualitative high quality research for private and institutional clients. The methods used include face-to-face, CATI, CAWI, focus groups, in-depth interviews, product testing, mystery shopping, etc. FLOWIDRA has more than 400 interviewers covering all the regions of Albania and 250 interveiws covering all of Kosovo. It also possesses all the equipments and facilities for qualitative research (focus groups, in-depth interviews). Many leading brands in the market use IDRA research services.

FLOWIDRA is a proud member of ESOMAR ( and applies ISO standard 20252-2012 for "Market, opinion and social research".


  • Face-to-face (PAPI/CAPI)
  • CATI
  • CAWI
  • Central Location Testing
  • Qualitative

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Desk research
  • Observational research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Research Solutions

    Marketing Research

  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Concept / Product Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Employee Research
  • Market Analysis and Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluations and Studies
  • Pricing Studies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Tracking Studies
  • Usage and Attitude Studies
  • Opinion Polls

  • Election Polling
  • Life Quality and Stratification Studies
  • General Issues Assessment
  • Economic Research

  • Business Environment Research
  • Business to Business (B2B) studies
  • Media Research

  • TV and radio audience research
  • Media Evaluation/Research
  • Advertising Research

  • Advertising Assessment
  • Pre/post and Impact Tests
  • Omnibus


    Advertising / Public Relations


    Financial Services/Banking

    IT / Software / Hardware

    Petrol / Oil / Gas

    Retail / Wholesale

    Tobacco /Cigarettes

    Cosmetics / Hygiene/Detergents

    Energy / Utilities

    Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

    Media / Entertainment

    Public Sector / Government

    Public Sector / Government

    Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure